We are and East Cost lender based in New York, and the 66th Largest Mortgage Banker in America!

Established in 2000, Residential Home Funding Corp. is a correspondent mortgage banker. Our mission is simple. Residential Home Funding’s goal is “to be the lender of choice for our customers by providing both diversified and competitive mortgage financing options with excellent customer service.”  With a diverse customer base that includes first time home buyers as well as high net worth individuals, Residential Home Funding Corp. can provide the appropriate financing to meet all of our customer’s specific needs.


Everything was smooth and precise. Adam and Jean always got back to me right away (if possible). They answered all my questions in a way that I could understand the process. They were very caring and professional and quick throughout the entire experience.

Caecilia W.

Great job. As first time home buyers my wife and I were pleasantly surprised at how fast we were approved. Our lender Adam worked very well with us through the whole process. Thank you Residential for helping our family start this next chapter in our book of life.

Kyle A.

What made it great was the fact that everyone I spoke to including Adam always returned my calls promptly. He was always pleasant and sounded generally happy to hear from me. He was knowledgeable and gave you the information you needed without a lot of fluff or nonsense. RHF is…Read More

Lau-Rene A. M.


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