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prequalifyBefore even looking for your first house, you can get pre-approved for a loan ensuring the rest of the process is hassle-free. Residential Home Funding can help you get pre-approved and on your way to home ownership!
Contact one of our purchase specialists today to start your pre-approval today.

Why Should You Get Pre-Approved Upfront?

  • Sellers will take your offer much more seriously with a pre-approval letter from Residential Home Funding
  • You’ll know ahead of time how much home you can afford, and how much money you will need to close.
  • You won’t fall in love with your dream home, only to find out you cannot get approved for it.

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification

A pre-approval from Residential Home Funding is different than a pre-qualification. Our pre-approvals are based on a full mortgage application, and have been approved through our automated underwriting engine. In some cases, for added assurances, we will even collect the supporting documentation. That means that our pre-approvals mean much more than other lenders’ pre-qualification. A pre-qualification is generally just based on a conversation, and may not even include a credit report. That is why many sellers and realtors do not take pre-qualifications seriously. A pre-approval from Residential Home Funding will help you stand out from other buyers.

Why Should You Get Pre-Approved with Residential Home Funding?

  • We put YOU first.
  • Residential Home Funding offers some of the most competitive rates in the Nation!
  • Fast and efficient, we work to meet your closing schedule
  • We offer a variety of loans. Residential Home Funding will find you the loan that is right for you!!!

Since Residential Home Funding is the bank (and not a broker) we are the ones actually approving your loan. Realtors know the value in our pre-approval letters. Contact one of our mortgage specialists today to get your mortgage pre-approval.

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